The group was established on the 9th of December 2018 with six interested stud and commercial Bonsmara farmers.
The name reflects that it is the first Bonsmara Group formed in Botswana.
The Group aims too:
  • Be a marketing platform for its members by means of any appropriate method to promote the Bonsmara breed and those of its members.
  • To protect and promote the interest of its members as Bonsmara breeders.
  • Breed high quality animals to give economically sustainability to any cattle farming entity.
  • Support and advice members to improve their herds.

  • Ground rules for the group members and activities are set as a starting point of discipline and quality.
    Interested breeders who want to become a member are welcome to request these and familiarize themselves of the requirements.

    Would you like like to contact us please refer to our contact page.

    Die Rooi Ras


    The Alpha Bonsmara Group in Botswana consists of the following members.
    Please click on the logo to go to their page on this website.

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